When God Speaks He Creates

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The Word of God is truth. God creates. Our Father speaks His word and things are created. These things come to life! When God speaks something happens! We hear in Isaiah that God’s word is like the rain and snow that water the earth, making it fertile and fruitful. God’s word which creates is the essence of fecundity, and it returns to Him in abundance.

When Jesus, the Word, gives us the Our Father, He is essentially giving us the Father’s power to increase life through our words. Our words matter too. We image God through the words we speak. Do they give life, or do they enter the void? God, in His goodness, has given us amazing freedom. We have been given the choice to achieve the end for which He created us: abundant life. Eternal life.

In everything we do and say, may we have as our purpose the Kingdom of God. May we turn towards Him. He will rescue us, deliver us from all fear and evil, and save us from all distress. We are also His word, for He spoke our name when He created us, and we shall not return to Him void, but shall do His will, achieving the end for which He sent us (cf. Is 55:11). Jesus, give us the strength to accomplish the Father’s words of life and love. Amen.


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