Thinking about the Holy Week to come and I want to repost this.


What is the Lord going to do for us next week?

This may seem like a silly question, because He has already done it.

Do we remember? Do I remember? What has God done for me?

This week I was praying with a friend over FaceTime, and my prayer was to remember. “Lord, help us to never forget what You have done for us! You will bring us out of this great trial. We will triumph in You. Help us to remember, in gratitude — every day…Every moment. Please help us to remember.”

Jesus knew how important remembering is.  We saw this in the readings throughout this week, beginning with the Resurrection of Lazarus on Sunday.  It is beneficial to remember this story of Lazarus in the light of another one in the Gospel of Luke.  Jesus told a story about a rich man who neglected a poor…

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