Blessings in Disguise

The coronavirus pandemic is a gift.  

I woke up this morning with two realizations — I am actually now getting the amount of sleep that I should get, and all those thoughts of:

“I need to slow down…”

“We are too busy…”

“I wish I had the time to…”

have now come to a point in which I have been given an opportunity to figure out what is really important and do it.

So after I realized these things I thanked God for His mercy!  In His merciful love, (hesed, Heb), He allows this suffering so we turn to Him!  He alone is the creator!  He alone is the healer!  All the love and care and attention and healing that is coming from other human beings have One source — the God who created all things.

By giving mercy we are giving God.

By giving love we are giving God.

By caring for our neighbor we are caring for God’s people, and bringing His merciful love and healing to others.

And He will sustain us.  He will, because that is who He is, Love Incarnate, who died for us, was resurrected by the Father, and through His Holy Spirit gives us eternal life when we cling to Him in that same Spirit.

There is nothing more important than knowing this and acting on it.

We have been given a gift.  The question is, will I open it?


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