The Kingdom of God is Within You

(Luke 17:21).

A meditation on the Readings of the Day (

Such words to describe our God in Hebrews (12:18-19). Words cannot describe. Eyes cannot see, eyes haven’t seen. Ears cannot hear, ears haven’t heard. The magnificence. The glory. God is so good we cannot imagine. We hardly can experience His goodness because we can’t believe anything can be that GOOD.

But we know in faith that He is.  He IS.  Goodness itself.  That which can be touched is something merely some thing good, not goodness itself!

Why would we beg that no message be further addressed?  Because none other needs to be heard.  Once God is experienced and accepted in His fullness nothing else matters.  The faith He asks is of us this: to know that His words are Truth.  To trust.  To surrender.  To be patient.

What does it mean to ponder God’s mercy within [God’s] temple?  (Ps 48:9).

It means to ponder God within ourselves, for He has placed Himself in us. His mercy resides in and flows from our hearts, where He has placed His very Self. It can be grasped only through pondering, through meditation on Him, in Him. The glory, the mercy, the love of God is “grasped,” (if you will), by a purposeful assent into Him. The glory of the New Covenant is that His temple is in our hearts! Because of this, His glory and power flows through us to others, to the world. As Scripture says, He gave them authority over unclean spirits.

Dear Christians, this is our birthright. Ours is a spiritual kingdom, the kingdom of God, and our bodies are the Temple. The kingdom of man has no power over the kingdom of God. Let us live in Him. Amen.


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