The Second Joyful Mystery – Consider the life of Christ in others.

Pin on Edifying Bible Verses

The Visitation – Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth, who is pregnant with John the Baptist. John “leaps” in her womb and the sound of Mary approaching. Elizabeth says Mary is “…blessed among all women…” The first thing I think about is the fellowship among women. Most women NEED other women to talk to, (especially when they are pregnant, lol).

How similar are we to Mary and Elizabeth? Here are two human beings, just like we are, who fill their days and conversation with Love for God. Can we imagine today, having a conversation with friends, saying “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb?” Many women think pregnancy is a curse. We worry about this and that, and sometimes forget the amazing blessing the new human life growing inside our womb is. God gave us the power to create new human life. This is His power to bring life into the world. What a gift! Our culture thinks we should control when and how we will get pregnant. Often when we make plans God laughs and blesses us with surprises. We can have the joy God wants to give us if we open ourselves to His Divine guidance.

The Visitation- a beautiful moment between two beautiful women~Elizabeth and the Virgin Mary

Mary and Elizabeth clearly lived this way. They were true “sisters in Christ.” They are an example of a beautiful friendship.

When I pray the second Joyful Mystery, I have in my mind this prayer: “Lord, may I see You in everyone I meet today, and may they never have any doubt that You are in me.”


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